Baroque Baby...

It's not just old school music that brings back those waves of nostalgia.. nope, there are certain retro perfumes that do it for me too! Take this one for example.. Launched back in the Autumn of 1996 by Yardley, Baroque was a sweet perfume that had citrus and floral undertones and came in a red, triangular glass bottle. It soon became a must have perfume of the 90's - not just for me, but for many other ladies (who also liked reading the Marie Claire mags) too. I couldn't get enough of it! So, imagine my disappointment when I found out that Yardley were discontinuing the scent only a few years later.. Lou Lou, Eden and Christian Dior's Dune were among those that replaced the empty spot in my cabinet.. that was until now! After months of hunting high and low for a supplier in Yardley's Baroque perfume, I finally found one who does - and at a reasonable price too

! Now I feel like a teen all over again! Happy days :)

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